ACFA® Panels

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Applications

Non-load bearing interior & exterior wall panels, partition wall panels, floor panels, roof panels.

Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, prefabricated houses, family homes, dormitories, residences, apartments, luxurious villas, factory warehouses, production workshops, auxiliary plants, hotels, bars, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Advantages:

Energy-Saving, Environment-Friendly

Green and environment-friendly, non-harmful substance, no radiation, reusable, no construction waste, widely used in various places


ACFA® Panel is non-flammable material that reaches Class: A of National standard. Under the high temperature of 1000 degrees, Fire resistance can last four hours. however, it do not produce toxic gasses.

Increasing Usable Area

The thickness of the wall is between 50mm-200mm. It cleverly saves the construction space compared with the traditional block.

Anti-Pressure, Anti-Quake and Anti-Impact

Thanks to the panel's “3-in-1” structure in addition to the Tongue and Groove technique to join panels, the pressure, quake and impact "resistance" all meet the national standard.

Waterproof and Wet proof

Even with toughest tests, results show that the ACFA® Panel has excellent water and damp proofing. Our panels can be confidently used in wet areas such as kitchens, toilets or basement.

Sound Insulation

Remarkable sound insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction attributes. For example, the amount of sound insulation is up to 40 DB with the 90 mm thickness of the ACFA® Panel, which is as twice or three times as traditional wall.

Simple construction, High Efficiency

ACFA® Panel “Tongue &Groove” feature leads to easier installation process. Panels are easy to cut using regular tools and doesn’t require highly skilled labor. The fine finished surface of the sandwich panel results in fast neat finish. Attributes of: Easy transportation, handling & stacking reduces both construction time and logistics cost. Additionally, the correct installation of ACFA® Panel nearly eliminates materials waste completely.

Heat Preservation

ACFA® Panel is engineered with the concept of environmental control and energy saving in our minds. Thanks to the innovative mix of heat insulation materials, our panels show remarkable features of heat insulation and indoor temperature preservation, leading to more convenient ambience and energy cost reduction.

Spiking and Stick ability

ACFA® Panel accepts almost all decorative finishing materials, wither fixed directly by nails or by using expansion bolts in case of heavy materials, ACFA® Panel performs well with its hanging strength that exceeds “45kg” for a single hanging point. The smooth, ash free surface of the carefully crafted ACFA®panel, can be either tiled, wall paper finished, wood paneled or treated by any other decoration finish as per customer`s convenience.

Lightweight and Economic

ACFA® Panel`s core material is lightweight EPS. The volume-weight is about 450 - 500 kilo grams/cubic meter. Featuring smooth finish “Plastering-free” wall, and only weighs 1/6 of a traditional wall.

Reusable and User-Friendly

ACFA® Panel is simply a “mobile” interior wall that can be reused/relocated in cases like: supermarket, office and any other architectural space that may require flexible re-planning solution. Our lightweight, economic and energy-saving panel can be easily Disassembled and reinstalled in its new position without causing any disturbance or interruption to user's regular daily routine. All is done with minimum construction waste.

Safe - asbestos free